WHO HRP-RHR news - Issue 27. 2012: HIV Linkages and Sexual and Reproductive Health

HIV Linkages and Sexual and Reproductive Health

Strengthening linkages between sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and
HIV interventions provides an unparalleled opportunity to provide better health
care for all.

The rationale is indisputable – the majority of cases of HIV
transmission are sexually transmitted or are associated with pregnancy,
childbirth and breastfeeding; and the risk of HIV transmission and acquisition
can be further increased due to the presence of certain sexually transmitted
infections (STIs). In view of the current evidence regarding the feasibility,
acceptability and cost-effectiveness of strengthening SRH/HIV linkages, there
is general acceptance that linkages between SRH- and HIV-related policies
and programmes would lead to a number of mutually beneficial results at the
international, regional and national levels.

RHR/HRP took the leadership by establishing the Interagency Working Group
on SRH/HIV linkages in 2004, bringing together a number of the key partners
working in this field. The Working Group is now co-convened by UNFPA and


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