El Congreso COGI-BCGIP en Bangkok incorpora el Seminario FIGO en su programa científico oficial




The COGI-BCGIP Congress in Bangkok is proud to welcome the FIGO Seminar as part of the official scientific program

New Challenges in Maternal Health
Taking place under the auspices of the:
The 4th Asia Pacific Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics Gynecology and Infertility (COGI):
Building Consensus in Gynecology, Infertility and Perinatology (BCGIP)

Bangkok, 24th November 2011


Organized by:

CapacityBuilding in Education and Training Committee (FIGO)

The RoyalThaiCollege of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RTCOG)

World Diabetes Foundation (WDF)

International Association of Diabetic Pregnancy Study Groups (IADPSG)

Course directors:

Luis Cabero Roura (CBETC – FIGO),

Anil Kapur (WDF) 

Moshe Hod (IADPSG)




The COGI Congress is proud to announce the establishment of its own Society

Opening Remarks
Luis Cabero Roura (CBETC – FIGO)                             

Anil Kapur (Denmark)             

Moshe Hod (IADPSG)

The FIGO President Opening Lecture: FIGO a Professional Non-profit NGO
Gamal I. Serour (FIGO President)


Session 1: PREGNANCY - Maternal Morbidity and Mortality
Chairmen: Gamal I. Serour (FIGO President) & L. Cabero Roura (CBETC – FIGO)

Maternal mortality in the world. Some good news
L. Cabero Roura
Anemia during pregnancy. A controlled risk of maternal mortality
G.C. Di Renzo
, Italy
Postpartum hemorrhage. Prevention and treatment
Louis Keith
, US
Obstetric fistulas. A hidden problem. The FIGO Project
H. Rushwan
, (Sudan – FIGO)
Female genital mutilation
B. Ahmed
, Qatar


Session 2: FIGO - WDF Workshop on Maternal and Child health and  Non Communicable Disease (NCDs)
Chairmen: Moshe Hod, Israel & Anil Kapur, Denmark

Relevance of maternal health to the NCD epidemic – the concept of early origins of health and foetal programming
CS Yajnik
, India

Global burden of diabetes and related NCDs with particular relevance to women’s Health
Anil Kapur
, Denmark

Risk factors for maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality and how they link to NCDs
Moshe Hod

Gestational and pre gestational diabetes, diagnosis, management and prevention
Jeremy Oats
Is screening and integrated care for GDM cost effective?
Nicolai Lohse, Denmark
Panel Discussion
Developing an integrated program for MCH and NCDs in the developing World - what does it  take?
Session 3: Hot topics in Women's health in the Asian Pacific region
Chairmen: David McIntyre, (IADPSG) & Chaicharn Deerachenowang, Thailand
Obesity and pregnancy. A new epidemic
W.W. Sumpaico
, Philippines
Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in young women - worldwide challenges in developed and developing countries
David McIntyre
Diabetes and Pregnancy and the drug dilemma – Insulin analogues
Moshe Hod
Diabetes and Pregnancy and the drug dilemma – Oral Hypoglycemic agents
Chaicharn Deerachenowang
, Thailand
HPV and cervical cancer prevention in low income countries
, Thailand
Chalenges in hormonal contraception in low income countries
P.C. Ho
, Hong Kong
Unsafe abortion. Health impact
Kamheang Chatura Chinda
, Thailand
Panel Discussion